Masters of the Universe Origins Actionfigur 2021 Zodac 14 cm

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Detailreiche Actionfigur aus Mattels "Masters of the Universe Origins"-Reihe. Sie ist ca. 14 cm groß und wird mit weiterem Zubehör in einer Blisterverpackung geliefert.

"Zodac is an enigmatic cosmic enforcer in the Masters of the Universe mythos. In general, the character is portrayed as being neutral in the battle between good and evil. However, the difficulty in presenting such nuance in a children's toy line has led to inconsistencies in his character across various forms of continuity.

Although the original toy was labeled "Zodac," the spelling of the character's name has varied between "Zodac" and "Zodak." When the character was redesigned in 2002, he was remodeled as a black man to add more racial diversity to the Masters of the Universe brand, and the spelling "Zodak" was settled upon. In the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line, the two designs were recognized as separate, distinct characters, with Zodak adopting the name in honor of his colleague, the original Zodac."