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  • Twelve new adventures have been added to the collection to make it an overall number of 32 (!) adventures included in the WFRP Adventure Collection. "Tales from Sylvania" (volume 2) has replaced Alfred Nunez' "Kidnapped!". The aforementioned one is a vampire adventure based upon "The name of the rose" by Umberto Ecco.
  • WFRP 4E is very slick and has some cool innovations but is very crunchy and complex. Zwiehander is actually a better successor (but still too crunchy) - I wish they would create a differently worded / organized version that was more concise. I'd love a retroclone of 2e or 1e that was less crunchy than Zwiehander or WFRP 4E.
  • Oct 15, 2019 · Unfortunately for the lord, these plans unravel as Onfroy uncovered the spy, Regis supplied Ferregus with the key to the dragon's chamber through Ferregus's accomplice, the 'washer woman' Mathilde, and all hell broke lose when the dragon breaks free while Onfroy and Regis are making their escape with stolen horses and more convincing lies from ...
  • May 08, 2011 · Like all of Raggi's adventures, it's moody and potentially deadly but, moreso than some, I think it better illustrates the kind of setting he imagines for LotFP WFRP. Of course, there are still no fully statted examples of monsters in the game, nor is there a mini- Random Esoteric Creature Generator included in this book.
  • In fact, the WFRP core set will support up to 4 players (including the GM). And at a price comparable with the three D&D4E core book (which in practice will only support one player), WFRP3 provides everything those players need to play out of the box (even dice, and lots of them!).
  • This week we present 'WFRP Adventures Afoot in the Reikland', a supplement to Chapter 10 So, strap on your hiking boots and get ready to hit the roads, for there are Adventures Afoot in the...
  • Mar 25, 2015 · Dwarfs. Dwarfs are short, stout, and tend towards gruffness. They are boisterous when drunk, or with friends – to whom they are unswervingly loyal.

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Heart of Chaos is a free WFRP adventure featuring encounters with followers of Tzeentch and Nurgle, as well as a run-in with a Minotaur Chaos Champion. themandragora.com Bill Heron: Gaming in Edinburgh and other RPG stuff

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Ubersreik Adventures: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Welcome to the Duchy of Ubersreik, where the crisp march of State Soldier’s boots ring from the cobbled streets, while…
May 06, 2009 · D&D is about quests for glory and riches; WFRP pretends to be the same, but in fact is about the PCs' day-to-day fight for survival in a universe that hates them. If you don't finish each adventure worse off than when you started it, your GM is doing something wrong.

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Wonderful Prodigies of Judgement and Mercy was the free fanzine for TimCON III convention attendees. It included a Clive Oldfield WFRP2 "Choose Your Own Adventure", Robert Rees on his first experiences of WFRP in Web of the Eldaw, Steve Moss bought us all a drink in the Rusty Barnacle, and I spent some time in the marketplatz again.
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